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Friends only.

January 22nd, 2022 (03:19 am)

At the beep, please leave your name, number and a brief justification of the ontological necessity of modern man's existential dilemma and we'll get back to you.

This journal is "friends only."

I left out a few posts for the public to read but most of them can only be viewed if you are a friend.

Add me as a friend and I will probably add you back. And it is in this instance that you will be blessed with the ability to read my inner-most thoughts.

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cool quote and response

September 20th, 2014 (05:20 pm)

All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret.

Gabriel Garcí¬a Márquez

Public you is who you are at work. You are always trying to be considerate. You treat people how you would want to be treated all the time and you know it is your job to be fast, friendly, helpful.

Private you is who you are with your close friends and family. Usually, for me, you are mostly being funny or loving. Sharing and letting your guard down.

Secret you is your inner world. And at least for me, it is a pretty happy place.

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Everything That's True & Not True About "Stuff White People Like" and Me Because I Am White

May 9th, 2013 (10:53 pm)

Did you guys ever follow that blog Stuff White People Like back in the day? That was a pretty funny blog.

Here's a list of the stuff I'm supposed to like because my skin is pale and my response: if in fact, I really do actually like it (spoiler: most of the time, the answer is YES):

1. My So-Called Life -- yes, own the DVD set

2. Roller Derby -- I'm obsessed with the fact that Central Texas has a Roller Derby team and I want to include them in Bohemia somehow

3. TED -- yeah, I like watching their podcast to feel smart

4. The World Cup -- my husbo gets into this. He's like the guy who is into soccer.

5. Picking their own fruit -- well my hippie parents had us do this when we were kids. Umm, I've liked Farmer's Markets since I lived in Houston when I was teenager and my roommates and I would go to them and literally fill our entire fridge (shelves and shelves) with all the fresh fruit and veggies we got.

6. Conan O'Brian -- yes, love.

7. Ray-Ban Wayfarers -- this would be a ?????

8. Banksy -- yeah we actually tried to get an interview with him for Bohemia but you know -- we're not there yet, I guess

9. Camping -- YEAH!!!!

10. Where The Wild Things Are -- yes and no. Aesthetically, I loved the book but I found the story -- disturbing? Then Spike Jonze directed the movie and it was pretty cool I guess. I like the idea of the Lost Boys from Peter Pan better.

11. Vespa Scooters -- oh the dream of owning a Vespa. Yeah, Bohemia was going to try to do a Vespa Scooter shoot -- that may still happen!

12. Bob Marley -- yep. My trig teacher used to play Marley for us every day in high school. Then, as an adult I liked him -- I have a Bob Marley t-shirt, Bob Marley poster, and Bob Marley CD, everything. Also, I went to the Houston Reggae Fest with some friends once and though Bob was not there (obviously) -- he is also Obviously the inspiration. I just like reggae, period.

13. Hating People Who Wear Ed Hardy -- HAHAHAHAHA! So true. And my mother-in-law, God Love Her, was asking me if I wanted some Ed Hardy stuff. And all I could think was?? Ironically? Should I like it ironically? It's so bad that it's good?

14. Mad Men -- nope. Don't watch it.

15. Moleskine Notebooks -- yeah! I got some by my bed for writing

16. Funny or Ironic Tattoos -- certainly

17. Taking a Year Off -- :D

18. Sea Salt -- yeah, Donnie and I were all about Sea Salt for awhile

19. Ugly Sweater Parties -- yeah, an ugly sweater photo shoot has been pitched to Bohemia like 20 times. I'm always like -- "let's do it" but it just never has happened. Also I love the queen of sparkle gem sweaters, Leslie Hall. I love you Leslie Hall forever!

20. Political Prisoners -- YES. I am all about this. Like, that is my cause. I like movies about political prisoners -- in order to feel enraged about something. The Hurricane (song and movie) is like... I love it! I cry and get all enraged about the whole thing.

21. Black Music that Black People Don’t Listen to Anymore -- yes. I have like all these old mix tapes of old skool hip-hop that I like to break out at parties and stuff. I don't know why I am such a stereotype white person.

22. Promising to Learn a New Language -- I literally made this promise to myself again this morning

23. America -- well, yeah.

24. Halloween -- I mean, yeah, again.

25. Hummus -- Yes. And when at parties and stuff, people "introduce" hummus to me -- I always act like I haven't been eating it since I was 18 and never discovered the "posh" sections of grocery stores, lol. Because everyone I meet thinks it's their job to introduce me to "sophisticated" stuff... I just pretend like I never heard of it to make them happy.

26. Pea Coats -- YES. My coat is a pea coat. Why? Why? Why? Why is this list me?

27. Frisbee Sports -- oh my God. We literally have a disc golf net in our backyard. And it was a big deal when I went to the Army/Navy supply shop to get my disc golf bag and maintain my little collection of discs.

28. The Onion -- it's okay.

29. Appearing to enjoy Classical Music -- hahaha. Yeah. I do appear to enjoy it. I mean I do, when I'm in the mood. Donnie collects it on vinyl. He loves it.

30. Self Aware Hip Hop References -- yep. I do that a lot too.

31. Facebook -- lol. yes.

32. Unpaid Internships... yeah. I did two. (so far? 3 if you count my literary journal)

33. Girls with Bangs -- I have been obsessed with girls with bangs since I was about 13. I am 36. Like all the retro stars and when modern girls do that. Yeah. I have asked a few hair stylists to give me bangs and they told me No -- that they wouldn't be responsible for that? I don't know why? I don't know if it was because my headshape would look bad with bangs or if because they didn't think the style was hip or whatever. I don't know. My hairstylists of the past were pretty "square" looking ladies -- like high school teacher looking ladies. So I don't know if they got that at the time I wanted something... different.

34. Sweaters -- I like hoodies.

35. Children’s Games as Adults -- yeah I think I went through this phase with my friends. Like "hey guys, let's go play lalalalala" ... drunkenly or whatever.

36. Being Offended -- maybe. I think I am a person that doesn't get butthurt. Like, majorly doesn't. I do not get offended easily.

37. Bumper Stickers -- YES! I can't wait to cover my van in them, yay.

38. Grammar -- I read grammar books for fun. Enough said?

39. The Ivy League -- eh. I like Good Will Hunting.

40. Scarves -- yep. yep. yep. Scarves -- yes. Scarves? YES! Though I wear them quite awkwardly and actually admire the ability of people who pull off scarves well.

41. New Balance Shoes -- yes. It was love at first site. I was in a store. I saw them. I was like... "those. are. the. shit."

42. Rugby -- ? no.

43. Free Healthcare -- oh my God, yes. :(

44. Music Piracy -- well, I mean. I went through a "bad" phase and then I decided to be a good person. I have bought so much music and music related stuff in my life-- I mean, I have used my dollar, a lot. So -- the times of piracy pale in comparison to this.

45. Book Deals -- well yes. Half Price Book store is the best thing ever. And they do this thing once a month at the warehouse in Dallas where you can go and get free books!!! I have done it twice so far. You can literally fill up paper grocery bags with all the books you want as long as you are first in line. I waited in the rain for this. It was a boho adventure, lol.

46. San Francisco -- yes, I am obsessed. I've done all kinds of reading about the place. Never been. Want to go.

47. Dinner Parties -- they are fun!!!!

48. Saint Patrick’s Day -- okay, not really. I'm not all about this.

49. Having Gay Friends -- hahahaha. Well, yeah! Hell yeah!

50. Outdoor Performance Clothes -- I've definitely gone through phases on this, especially when I attended Baylor U.

51. Shorts -- this one is weird to me. Okay, yeah I guess? I didn't know shorts was a white thing. I love cut-offs especially because of being a) a hippie b) a 90s grunge freak

52. The Wire -- no

53. T-Shirts -- oh but of course. At times, I have had a crapload of them-- treasures. Tons of graphic Ts. Tons of them. Love them. T-shirts -- yes. Like shorts -- this is a sort of no-brainer to me?

54. Bad Memories of High School -- hahaha, okay. I guess rehashing bad memories from highschool is pretty fun! lol.... this one not so much for me. I look forward more than backwards and highscbool was okay. I was an artsy, weirdo, misfit, honor roll student, bad girl and at the same time -- a good girl, whatever -- it was all pretty crazy and mixed up. I was quiet in school mostly but I had friends if that makes sense.

55. Hating Corporations -- yeah. I have strongly gone through this phase many, many, many, many times. And I get on my soapbox and act annoying. Donnie hasn't eaten at McDonalds in 15 years, by the way.

56. Graduate School -- yeah, I need more student loans. This is kind like... what I kind of want to do.

57. The Idea of Soccer -- funny. Donnie actually really likes it. I like kickball!

58. Modern Furniture -- oh my yes. Oh oh oh oh oh. OBSESSION for a really, really, really, really, really long time.

59. Multilingual Children -- mmm, I guess. I'm a certified teacher and have a full degree in education. So I actually really love ALL children and I know a lot of stuff about child development and stuff.

60. Musical Comedy -- yeah. I like it -- Weird Al Yankovich, Tenacious D, Sarah Silverman (sometimes), Flight of the Conchords, Dennis Leary, and Adam Sandler. But I don't think I like it as much as some people do. I mean, I like watching it on youtube and stuff. I like Dr. Horrible's Singalong.

61. Bottles of Water -- this is like... yeah. Forever. In a good and bad way. I like expensive freaking water... and I like to read about all processes that it went through or didn't go through or whatever. I don't know why happiness is buying a really expensive bottle of water... but since I've been really, really, really poor -- Donnie and I don't do this anymore. We don't drink Waco water. We get gallons and we drink from our gallons. I guess we are more practical and environmental now.

62. Threatening to Move to Canada -- yes and no. Kind of and maybe. I get mad about political stuff sometimes but then there is the "I love USA" side of me too. Right?

63. Oscar Parties -- back in the day. A lot of this stuff is from back in the day. I go through so many different phases in my life that it is like any of these could apply to me at some point. I remember when I was all into the Oscars and my friends and I being really serious about watching it together and stuff.

64. Gentrification -- yeah, I guess for about 20 years I've been all about this.

65. Study Abroad -- yeah, that's cool. I thought about it but didn't do it.

66. Being the only white person around -- I don't care. Who cares? I don't even notice.

67. Difficult Breakups -- yeah, I have some great stories and they are a part of my life. The stories of your life make you who you are.

68. Mos Def -- no, not really. He's okay. I don't see the big draw.

69. Michel Gondry -- I guess. meh.

70. Standing Still at Concerts -- hahahaha -- not me. As you can see, I seem to be the poster child for "stuff white people like" but simultaneously I AM little bit anti-hipster. I like to be cheesy or whatever or not cool on purpose, sometimes. I am not as reserved as a typical white person I guess? I don't know, just be yourself everyone. But then yes -- you'll probably accidentally fall into some stereotype, haha.

71. Divorce -- no.

72. Co-Ed Sports -- I'm not really a jock. Co-ed pool volleyball with a giant inflatable ball! Or co-ed bandmitten. Or co-ed croquet. Or horseshoes. Or Bocce. OR DISC GOLF.

73. Recycling -- heck to the yeah! And I taught my students all about it and had recycling bins in my class and everything.

74. Expensive Sandwiches -- yeah. There's nothing better than a good sandwich. When I was in junior high or so -- I started making these specialty sandwiches for my fam. I think we called them "Super Mandy Sandwiches" or something like that, where you just need to be all about the good bread, condiments, cheeses, deli meat, veggies... everything. Then of course my first job was at Subway Sandwiches and Salads (not an "expensive" sandwich shop, but the sandwich industry was a draw to me).

75. Knowing what’s best for poor people. Okay again -- actually being a teacher and researching this subject and taking social classes and stuff... even though I take on a demeanor of a simple person as a personality trait-- I actually am educated and do have opinions on stuff. And some of the opinions on stuff that I have disagree with common thought and I don't know... I grew up poor and I don't know... I have different insights. Like really, I just help people, so whether you think you know what's best for people or not... I don't really try. I just live day to day and do my job and treat everyone with respect.

76. Bicycles -- yes! YEs YES yes YEss. My only mode of transportation back in the day. Even went through a mountain biking phase!

77. Toyota Prius -- hahaha. I like VW Jetta... actually I have had many phases of car likes. Big one in my life is actually a Karmann Ghia. Donnie and I have also been Honda freaks for a long time.

78. Natural Medicine -- oh god, you don't even know. I have read so many books and tried so much stuff. Before I became a teacher, especially. When I started teaching, my life got so busy that I had to put away many of my "natural lifestyle" ideals.

79. Japan -- yes. Obsessed. Obsessed. Obsessed. I want it to be a Bohemia theme.

80. Juno -- oh my god yes.

81. Lawyers -- ?? I don't know. My family used to say when I was a kid that I needed to be a lawyer when I grew up. Like they were serious. Good at arguing and logic and proving my point.

82. Apologies -- I guess? I'm sorry, I don't know. I think it is important to say you are sorry when you mess up.

83. Kitchen Gadgets -- YES!!!!!!!! Kitchen gadgets are just endlessly so much fun. Donnie loves them too. It is like our couple time to look at them and get them.

84. Dogs -- we want a dog :) How is "dogs" a white thing?

85. Sarah Silverman -- she's pretty darn funny. But I'm not obsessed with her or anything. When her show was on and Donnie and I had cable, we would watch it pretty religiously. Also, when she did that Matt Damon thing -- I have watched that video about a million time. It is really, really, really funny.

86. Living by the water -- how can anyone not want to do this? I used to live in Houston so we went to Galveston a lot and then my family moved to Kemah which was close to the coast. And of course Donnie is obsessed with fishing so you know he would love to live closer to the lake. I just want to live near water and Donnie can catch us dinner every night. I like surfers too! They are fun potheads to hang out with.

87. Irony -- oh we do try, don't we?

88. Vintage -- yeah! It's just so cliche that it is so true... but you can't deny it. I want everything vintage. It is just obsession. obsession. obsession. forever. I was watching "The Voice" today and thinking I hated some of their outfits and wondered why they weren't wearing more vintage. This was today.

89. Whole Foods and Grocery Co-ops. YEP! Donnie and I used to do day-trips to Austin just for Whole Foods. We went to other place too that we wanted to go to since we were already in Austin-- record shops and thrift stores, clothes and stuff -- but our main purpose was to go to Whole Foods and bring our loot back to Waco. Yeah.

90. Arts Degrees -- I am actually realizing at this point in my life that I could have went after an art degree. In fact, in high school -- the art teacher BEGGED me to do this. I said I wanted to write and I never developed any art talent. And I still have a long way to go as a writer as well, so. LOL. I LIKE people who go to art school. I think maybe I wasn't supposed to go to art school. Maybe I am just supposed to be a fan of arty people.

91. The Sunday New York Times -- hahaha, maybe this will be my future self. I could see it.

92. Asian Fusion Food -- :) Nothing wrong with that.

93. Public Radio -- I used to be a DJ on public radio!

94. Plays -- oh Broadway... I go through periods where I am all about musicals especially. I love going to see plays. This probably started with my Grandma Lee and mom -- who have been showing me art, literature, and theater since I was a baby.

95. Sushi -- can't make a smiley big enough!!!

96. Indie Music -- oh the phases of my life. Yes, I have gone through indie music phases. INDEPENDENT MUSIC FOREVER!!!!!! Indie artists forever!!!

97. Apple Products -- oh my yes. Ohhhhhhhhhhh my, yes. Oh Apple... oh iPhone, oh Mac... I can not deny my love for you.

98. Netflix -- yes, I have loved you Netflix and we still have a Netflix and Hulu premium account. I liked building my netflix queue. I spent a long time on it. I am really into making lists and stuff. I have 400 or more movies on my list. It is my dream in life to watch all these movies. Donnie used to watch movies with me. Not all the time -- but at least once a week. If I could change Donnie and I know it is wrong to think about how you would change your mate but if I could-- it would be this: Donnie and I would watch a movie together every single night before we went to bed. That would be amazing. That would be the swell life. The past couple years -- he's basically stopped watching movies with me. It is all about his Play Station 3, drinking beer, and playing zombie games. He's a different man. I want my Austin Whole Foods and Kitchen Gadgets guy back. But I guess he goes through phases just like me.

99. Arrested Development -- it's funny, but it's not like my big thing. I've probably seen the whole first season or some of the other ones and I'm not gonna lie -- when I do make myself watch it, I laugh hysterically. Hahahahaha, I just like that Jason Bateman made the comeback from the 80s and from the Hogan Family -- yeah! I think it all turned around for him -- I think his comeback was that movie with Cristina Applegate and Cameron Diaz called The Sweetest Thing.

100. Renovations -- yes. The whole dream in life is to get a house and renovate it. I mean how many millions of hours of reality TV have I watched on this subject, really? But then as life is progressing and I am maybe learning myself better -- this big dream of renovating and redecorating -- may not be me. I am a collector, a nestor, and a good shopper. I just need to get a vintagy cool house or apartment that is already renovated and sort of just decorate. You just have to be honest with yourself after 36 years on this planet. You sit there and dream about doing stuff but you have to be yourself and know what you are good at and what you are not good at. I don't know... I guess I can't let go of it. I guess it is still a dream. Remember in the 80s, those Time Life Books on home repair that they advertised on infomercials on basic cable all the time? I wanted those books so bad. Just to buy a house and use the books to teach myself how to do all the repairs and stuff... fantasy.

101. Breakfast Places. I love diners and I love breakfast.

102. The Daily Show/Colbert Report -- yep, loved it back in the day.

103. Architecture -- beauty.

104. Marijuana -- needs to be legal!!! Legalize it!!!

105. Vegan/Vegetarianism -- I have never been full on but as I have been writing this -- realized again that I have gone through periods of my life where I ate meat very, very, very conservatively... and it was a health decision and social decision at the same time.

106. Snowboarding -- okay, no. This is a firm no. LOL.

107. Wrigley Field -- okay, another firm no. I am actually stoked that there are things on this list that I can actually say no to.

108. 80s Night -- Do you know when I started feeling nostalgic for the 80s? I think it was about in 1992/1993 or so. It just came into my head one day. I remember the moment actually and I was just, "Hey you guys, remember the 80s?" I just started preaching it to all my friends and fam endlessly after that, "Hey, remember Take On Me and Wham?" Since I was so young at the time, it really did feel like a long time since the 80s and I really was feeling like pretty retro but a little ironic by waxing nostalgic on the 80s. And it became sort of like a personality trait that my friends associated with me. Yeah, I was current and into the 90s stuff -- but I was also really into reminiscing about My Little Pony and Care Bears-- and taking my friends onto those conversational adventures.

109. Not Having a TV -- I'm a poet. Some of the times when I wrote the most poetry was when I was opting to not have TV for awhile.

110. Marathons -- every single person I know is into marathons except me. Maybe this can be another one of my "future self" ones like Sunday New York Times.

111. Manhattan (now Brooklyn too!) -- hmmm. I guess. I'm obsessed with New York... I mean, I'm not gonna lie.

112. David Sedaris -- nah. I don't even remember if I have spent time researching him or not. I guess if I did at some point, I have forgotten. But it seems like lately I am starting to forget a lot of stuff. This is frightening but true.

113. Wine -- YEEEESSSSSSSS. After the movie Sideways -- Donnie and I would go to the liquor store (mostly Dicorte's in Waco -- we have spent more money in that store -- not just on wine but on all kinds of imported beer and fancy liquors as well -- than any other store in Waco -- I would bet.) and we were just really into trying all the different kinds of wine and learning all about them.

114. Microbreweries -- Donnie got me into microbrews about 10 years ago. See Stuff White People Like numero 113, where I talked about going to Dicrorte's but other places too. The more obscure the beer -- the better. Donnie just wants to learn about them and research them and collect the bottles and taste test all the different kinds. Donnie has become a different person lately. He's not the hipster he was -- he just hangs out with his friend Brent all the time and fishes and drinks Bud and now he's growing lamb chops like Brent too.

115. Having Two Last Names -- hahahahhaha, once again I am surprised... this list knows my soul. Yeah, I want to go by Newhouse Hixson... because I want to keep both. That is what I want to do.

116. Writer’s Workshops -- I love them. I want to go to more. I like creative writing classes too. I've taken lots of them! And I want to just take classes about things until the day I die.

117. Being an expert on YOUR culture -- don't know. I'm a quarter Italian and I like Italian stuff but... I am actually also Danish and Native American!!! I should be all about that too. I guess just because my Grandma speaks Italian and I grew up eating all the Italian foods and my family travels to Italy makes me go the Italy way. Makes me claim Italian.

118. Traveling -- yep. Bohos love to travel. And apparently white people too? All people?

119. Awareness -- I think it is very responsible and conscious to be aware. I think sometimes I hyperfocus on things that I am passionate about and forget to be responsibly aware of all the things I should be aware of.

120. Hating their parents -- lol. White people like therapy. That should be one. I love my parents, okay?

121. “Gifted” Children -- another one that makes me laugh. When I was teaching, my principal encouraged (and paid) for me to get certified as the Gifted/Talented teacher and put me into that position. I love gifted kids! I think if I go back to teaching then I should continue to work with them.

122. Yoga -- I brought my Yoga mat to Dallas with me. Yoga is one of those things that I pretend to not know anything about when I meet new people and they want to talk to me about something... like this wonderful thing called Yoga, have I ever heard of it? Oh no, such an obscure thing. Seriously, Yoga is fantastic.

123. Having Black Friends -- yes. I love black people.

124. Tea -- I used to have like 50 - 60 different types of tea in my cabinet & fridge. It almost more about collecting them. People who know me now probably don't even know who that Mandy was -- tea drinker Mandy. If I had a disposable income along with a less stressful and all time-consuming job like I did when I worked at Wal-Mart in the photo lab -- I would probably go back to my hippie/hipster/whatever/white self, ha. But I have had the "opportunity" to be a starving poet for the past couple of years and also to be the girl who has the literary journal so that's actually really cool. I like "new me." Tea me was kind of a phase.

125. Non-Profit Organizations -- I did a lot of research in my late 20s about all the Non-Profits in Waco because I was a really conscientious person and still am. I like to volunteer. I like to help. I like to make a difference. Some of the places I have supported have been -- the Lake Waco Wetlands, Keep Waco Beautiful, Hippodrome Theater, Girl Scout Association, Waco Cultural Arts Festival... amongst other stuff.

125. Asian Girls -- yes, I'm sorry. In the 90s I got into Japanese street fashion. Then my hero, Gwen Stefani, did the whole Harajuku thing too. Also, I went through an anime phase for awhile. And, when Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon came out -- my sister and I freaked out and bought the poster for our wall. Kill Bill was also like the coolest thing ever. And yeah.... yeah. Sorry. That girl from K-Pop is cool too in that show that came on my Hulu.

126. Wes Anderson movies -- yes!!! Why is this list me? Why am I so this list??? Wes Anderson is my favorite ever. I can watch his movies over and over and over and over again. They are so freaking amazing that I can't even explain it. They are wonderful-funny beauty, quirky, magical, and hilariously amazing.

127. Making you feel bad about not going outside -- lol. I'm like "not white" right now. And I think I've met a lot of people who want me to be white. And they don't even realize that I used to white and that all this stuff on this list used to pertain to me... a lot.

128. Barack Obama -- yeah, I love him. Sorry family. (My family hates him.)

129. Diversity -- I was raised in the 80s and 90s. At school, all they ever talked to us about was diversity. Every place I have ever lived, worked, or went to school at has been pretty diverse. Diversity is just a given to me and I am sorry that I am 36 and talking about "diversity" is kind of old-fashioned or whatever.

130. Organic Food -- For really long time, I ONLY ate organic food.

131. Farmers Markets -- Yeah, they're cool.

132. Assists -- hahaha, okay -- this is a sports thing.

133. Film Festivals -- Indie movies are awesome. And you should watch the ones that win film festivals. This is just a given in life. I do have to say though that I also like big release movies too and some indie movies are really bad and not interesting. But some are really, really good and really interesting, cool, thoughtful, great etc. I was always the one that my family and friends made fun of to not send to the video store because I was inevitably going to come back with some really weird movies. You should explore things. You should research things. You should go in deeper. If you like movies then look at movies that are less well-known and see if you can find gems and things that your family and friends don't know about or whatever. Exploring tons of different things is how you develop your tastes. This applies to everything. Sometime you have to taste good stuff, mediocre stuff, and bad stuff -- sometimes you have to taste stuff no else is trying yet. To find out what you like.

134. Religions that their parents don’t belong to -- okay this all falls into the "finding yourself" category.

135. Coffee -- !!!!!! Last on my list because I went backwards but first on their list. How appropriate. I am nothing-- if not a coffee lover.

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Look at and comment on all my user icons

December 29th, 2012 (04:47 pm)


I uploaded all my livejournal user icons that I have collected and made throughout the years to my myspace photo file share. I would like everyone to look at them and comment on their cuteness, beauty and/or funniness. When I find icons on the Internet that I like then I save them and in their file description I document where I got the icon from just in case I need to site the creator at some point. Sometimes when I'm bored I troll for icons...

Starting with the icon with Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You that says "taming of the shrew"-- those are all icons I made with my very own two hands!!!! (And I made that icon in particular years and years ago before all of the Heath Ledger hype, thank you very much). Yes, most of these hand-made icons are pretty ghetto but I got the job done. Adobe Photoshop version 6 & Macromedia Fireworks version 3 (that's right, you heard me) facilitated these creations.

So... off with you now... get lost in my icon fun.

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My Rituals

December 22nd, 2012 (03:46 pm)

Well-stocked comfort centers: my purse, bed-side & computer-side.
Well-stocked comfort centers necessities: lotion, aspirin, peppermint, lip balm. (additional purse necessities: powder, nail clippers & tweezers. additional bedside necessity: reading materials. additional computer side necessity: water.)
Internet rituals: myspace: listen to my music playlist, hotmail: stay on top of it, mafia wars: my diversion game.
Apartment cleaning supplies Surface cleaner, disinfectant wipes, air freshener, carpet cleaner
My uniforms (spring/summer) work: polo, long racer-back tank, black pants, velcro mary jane style athletic shoes off work: low-rise boot cut dark wash Levis jeans, long racer-back tank, X-large graphic tee, Corona flip-flops home & sleep: mid calf sweats, long racer-back tank

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Bliss & Happiness

December 12th, 2012 (12:29 pm)

Listening to Cyndi Lauper and working on ad sales. Been able to do a lot of creative stuff lately... what's new with that? Not much! I am truly blessed to have been able to develop an arts-related job for myself that I am happy putting all my passion into and I enjoy very, very much. I am blessed and it has been thanks to love and support of my husband, family, friends, and the community.

I truly am blessed. I don't know what else to say. I work very hard, but I do realize how lucky I am. I do feel like what I am doing is important and it is for the appreciation of the arts and giving opportunities, creative output, and creative voice to people who need it and want it.

I work on communicating with people every day, editing, laying out the magazine, graphic work, marketing, photo shoots.

I am blessed to get to have an incredible home life -- we love each other every day and are just like two kids together... playing video games, cooking good food, going out from time to time... decorating for Christmas, playing with our animals, watching our favorite TV shows, trying to keep in touch with our family and friends. Mostly just making jokes with each other.

I listen to Spotify all the time, browse the internet, watch TV (hulu & netflix), clean house... when I'm not working. But I actually, literally, work all the time when I'm not sleeping... my mind is "on" all the time... I like it. It's just me. That's the only contention in my life is Donnie wants me to get my mind off work... but I'm on a mission so...

That's what I do.

Christmas time.... no car... Donnie and I live very modestly as far as money/money goes so maybe soon we will have more money to travel... but Donnie bought gifts for his side of the family... we do our traditions... food we like to buy and prepare every year (eggnog is a biggie, sausage & cheese, pumpkin and pecan everything, cheesecake... we might be making Alaskan crab legs for Christmas... ham...)

Yesterday, Donnie brought home Taco Tuesday from Rosa's Cafe... he ravaged the condiment buffet for us -- lime, lemon, no-caliente sauce for me & mucho-caliente sauce for him. We went to Poppa Rollos on Monday so left-overs was my breakfast (I usually do better than that). Then, big ole soft tacos for dinner. This morning he made me eggs to go with our coffee -- rockin' the hazelnut creamer currently.

I got a xD card full of some experimental photography I did last week... can't wait to play with the pictures.

I am working on ad sales for the mag this week. Got a meeting on Thursday. A release party on Dec 21 to plan... and I'm going to be a feature poet at a poetry venue in early January.

We live really moderately in order to be able to afford having an "easy life." Like, I haven't shaved or gotten my eyebrows waxed in a couple months... :>O just to save $$$$ on the little things, but Donnie is actually going to hook me up on both those fronts this month. For Christmas, he's taking me on a little shopping spree to get some things I need :D

I have to plan a new blog for the BoHo blogs... I would really like to start developing myself more as a blogger and take notes from the other bloggers on the site that are very talented and good at what they do...

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a moment to livejournal

November 17th, 2012 (12:52 am)

Yes, it is so quiet in this house right now I love it.

It is warm & cozy. But I am a little bored....

So I thought to myself -- I am so bored so what shall I do? I know I will livejournal.

So I will journal about being bored=================== I do what interets me, I do what sparks me, much of the time it is hard laborious things and long tedious tasks but if it sparks me then I will do it,

and "fun" things seem boring to me-- I don't want to watch TV or video game or read or whatever whatever whatever, I want to find that thing that I want to do -- even if it it washing dishes or organizing a drawer or catching up on e-mails...... it is much work and I am engaged

AND DO IT LIKE THIS :D :D :D ha ha ha -- it sucks to be you.

((((((((donald hixson donald hixson donald hixson)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

co-existence in our realms,

((((((((donald hixson donald hixson donald hixson)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I can't be at PEACE unless I know beyond shadow that you are happy.

((((((((donald hixson donald hixson donald hixson)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Don't worry,

You should not worry,

<<<<<--- only bored, I just realized, because I'm waiting for you to get home,
None should worry -- it will all be okay,

this is your life

I want to be a bird in a nest with down feathers,

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(no subject)

November 7th, 2012 (09:03 pm)

Another day of successful dieting. I shall soon start wasting away, happily.

Donnie brought home Spring Rolls -- oh boy, what a temptation, but no... sticking with the diet.

I found a whole bunch of interesting writing sites over the past few days. I feel like I am going to forget them...

What was that site that used to keep track of all of your favorite links?

I need to work on collecting them.

My enthusiasm and love for making my journal is starting to come back :)

Now that I don't have to raise 5,000 dollars every three months and I can just concentrate on developing the issue... getting the beautiful photography in... reading the stories... getting the poetry in... :) looking at the art... and arranging it into a magazine.

I'm writing myself again... finding the joy in life again :)

I love the current issue -- it is so beautiful. I am in love with it. I love all the issues, every single one.

And I am so happy about the upcoming one too :)

Cat. Bird. Bohemia. Diet. My husband. We expounded on our love of zippos last night.

I am going to take a shower and make him watch TV with me.

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what's the hurry? what's the pressure? we have years. is time not our friend to us?

November 6th, 2012 (05:21 pm)

Well, dieting is going well. I hope to turn over a new leaf and get into a healthier lifestyle... even though, I already have a pretty healthy lifestyle as far as food choices go. Obviously not fantastic! But I would say I eat better than at least half of Americans.

Oh dieting -- you suck. But it is something most people must battle.

I have several friends and family members that are quite inspirational in that department. They are looking good and reaping the benefits of their hard work.

Well, Bohemia has been going really well lately. And it is pretty joyous to work on. Still to this day, I get a thrill out of submitted work and whatever the mag comes up with. The issues are so cool.

It is very disappointing that we can't afford to print out copies of it. Many people have suggested that we just be an online magazine but what they don't understand is that it is really hard to get volunteers for an online magazine if you don't have the resources to pay people. So many people are thrilled to write stories and do pictures and help out in any way they can because they just treasure the printed copy of the magazine so much. As soon as you go just to online, they are less enthusiastic and don't care as much. I don't know why that is-- it just is. Also advertisers, you can tell them that hundreds upon hundreds of people will see their online ad but they are just not as excited about that. They want printed copies to give out to their friend and family and say, "Look at our beautiful ad in this beautiful magazine." They are disappointed.

Obviously I want our online viewership to grow. Obviously, I love the internet and viewing the issue on it.. but I really hope we can afford to print out copies of the magazine again soon. I am working really hard on that.

Also, our subscription holders have been incredibly patient and for that I am just grateful. I think they understand how hard I am working and how hard I am trying.

But aside from that, our numbers keep going up and people have nothing but good things to say about the publication. The work is really great.

Nothing really exciting to report on. Well, things are always exciting to me but... I mean, we have over 500 followers on twitter and we get over 200 hits a day on the blogs. That's exciting to me. And I just like the stories and people that are involved... EXCEPT THE ONES THAT ACT VERY WEIRD!!!!!!! But that's not everyone and even the ones that act weird, I have to think there much be something going on there that I am just not grasping or getting.

It is peaceful and quiet today.

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Feature Poet: Oh no.

November 3rd, 2012 (02:41 pm)

So I got a "Feature Poet" gig in January.

I have been working on performing my poetry (and short stories) for a long time, but this makes me nervous for 2 reasons.

1. I have gained about 50 pounds over the past year or so and I no longer feel comfortable in my skin, as they say. My job is sitting at my computer all day now rather than teaching a class full of energetic kids so you can see how that affects my body. It has been disastrous. When it comes time for me to do things for the magazine -- like go talk to people. I don't feel like doing it because I think I look ugly and I would rather other people do it.

2. Will my name get an audience? I know a lot people enjoy my poetry, but will they really come out to see me perform? In the past, I always schedule bands and other performers and my performances usually coincide with something else like the release of a new Bohemia magazine or a Poetry Slam. Will anyone come out just to see me????

Solutions to my problem:

I am going to start working our everyday so I can feel confident about myself again.

I am also going to try to see what I can do to improve my looks and confidence. I have really good taste in clothes and beauty when I am looking at pictures-- when I am going through magazines and blogs. I know what looks good-- but when it comes to my own personal style and appearance, I don't really do it. Its weird but I have seen other people in my same situation on shows like What Not To Wear. They work in magazine or fashion or media or something like that and they are good at helping and being a Hufflepuff (as I have discovered that I might be -- hardworking, nose to the grindstone) but they are not good at presenting themselves -- they are embarrassed of it. They don't put the attention on themselves.

So I need to think about wearing a push up bra and plucking my eyebrows and maybe trying to cut my own hair and choosing some clothes that are fashionable for my age and flattering.

Also, I guess I should start talking to people and asking them to come on out to the show. Please come see me.

Also, maybe I should finally put up a professional website where I have some of my best poetry where people can see "what I do best." The people who have seen me perform tell me how much they like my poetry but others are really unfamiliar with my work. They just think of me as an editor and not as an artist.

So I was thinking maybe I should work out every day until the show. If I work out every day until the show -- even if no one comes and I only lose maybe 5 pounds... at least I tried? And at least even if I lose a few pounds, I can be proud of that?

Le sigh.

Not, screw "le sigh." I'm going to put my head to it and try my best. Damnit.

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Nov 2

November 2nd, 2012 (03:09 pm)

It is Nov 2, really?

Halloween is over and it is already November? How did this happen? Again.

2 months of Christmas. The process is usually:

1) dread
2) sarcastic and jaded resentment
3) pangs of endearment
4) recognition of warm feelings
5) full-on acceptance and embracement
6) Christmas overload fun -- JOY TO THE WORLD, FA LA LA LA LA LA
7) gentle satisfaction like nodding off before you've had time to turn off the tree lights and your belly is full of hot chocolate
8) no I don't want this to end
9) okay I'm over it.

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Middle of the night because I can't sleep post.

October 31st, 2012 (03:05 am)

Middle of the night because I can't sleep post.

Lots to do, lots on my mind. Several creative thoughts.

Sometimes I am thinking about things in general and I come to conclusions and then I decide where to go next. Then I get happy because then some creative ideas come out of my brain. And then I start thinking about how to implement the creative ideas.

Oh my life.

Oh my life :D

Lots of stuff, a little worried about the East Coast with the storm of Sandy. Happy though to be in Texas; people were wearing shorts today.

Having fun taking care of my little house and getting back into cooking and stuff. We don't have a couch. We have been sitting on the floor. We had to bail our of apartment because it got infested with roaches and before we are judged about that -- you have to know that it was many things that lead to that. Donnie and I are not dirty people. We have a bunch of computer equipment, book shelves, and fish tanks that the roaches made nest behind and once we figured that out, it was impossible to get rid of them. We had neighbors who would literally leave food out everywhere and they had no roaches. We just hit bad luck. But anyway...

Yes, that was traumatic. We threw away a bunch of our stuff, but we saved a lot of our stuff too. Well, even without a couch, we are managing. We have this futon mattress that we sit against & well, we watch TV and play video games.

I have my mag stuff to work on all day and then Donnie comes home and well, we are very happy together like the Turtles song. We went out to the coolest pizza place EVER tonight. It is called Poppa Rollos and they gave us a free medium pizza because they said they messed up our order... but Donnie and I were like ?? I think they did mess up our order but they caught it before we did. Oh my gosh, it was so good. Oh my geez, this is a place where once you mention it and I can imagine the taste in my mouth -- I have to go. It has the Starbucks quality: the first time you try Starbucks, you think it is good. After going back there a few times, you start getting addicted to that specific flavor. Yeah.

One of our bloggers came back to the Bohemia blog today. She was in California, but now she's back in Central Texas and wants to blog for us again -- yay! I contacted the people who run the website for Lindsey Sterling yesterday and I got an interview for one of our other bloggers. I also am getting this other website to send us a book to review.

I am sad that Bohemia can't afford to make a whole bunch of print issues of the magazine and basically give them out for free anymore. I managed to do it for a long time by selling all theses ads and doing all these fundraisers and getting donations --- all this tons of work just to be able to afford to print all these issues and give them out to people. It was a lot of hard work and it was worth it but...... and I know people are now like spoiled and wondering where their magazines are... well, the last 3 fundraisers I did didn't really make any money. This was our grand car wash and the last poetry reading we did and the Waco Cultural Arts Festival. The poetry reading was really well attended and a nice event --- just no money. The car wash was a bust because there were a bunch of damn cheerleaders across the street from us also doing a car wash. The Art Festival -- I didn't have a sign on my booth and the spot where my booth was (which I actually asked for, not knowing) was across the street and away from every thing. People thought I was the volunteer sign up. Anyway, it was fun spending hours upon hours upon hours upon weeks upon months raising money to pay for this bi-otch but Donnie says he wants me to make a profit now and bring something to the table since I haven't been contributing. Lol.

So-- what used to be a 5,000 dollars every 3 months venture is now a free venture. I got rid of my office space. I am laying the magazine out myself in InDesign so I don't have to contract out that labor and I am not printing it. I made the ad space dirt cheap because now we are just an online journal and there aren't 1200 issues going out into the community... and there is absolutely no pressure on me to sell ads anymore. If someone wants to get one then SWEET. It will actually get their name out there.. but even if I just sold 1 5 dollar ad to one person-- it would be 5 more dollars than I used to make. I used to to do it all for free. 5 dollars for putting together a magazine is better than nothing :) And if no one buys an ad then -- their loss -- and we will just have a beautiful magazine with no ads. Boom.

People can still order print copies of the issue through Mag Cloud. People can view it online and over the past 18 months or so -- we have gained a lot of fans so we get tons of people who view the online free issues. And if they want a beautiful print journal then they can order it off of Mag Cloud.

I love our subscribers and I am so grateful to them for supporting us... but I added it all up and it would be about 1500 dollars to refund them their money. It would be about 3,000 dollars to print out the issues for them... yeah, I love them but I think I'm going to refund their money. And just tell them to buy individual copies of the magazine online.

I know they lose track of us but -- if I can make a profit selling ads then I will start advertising the magazine more so people will remember to go see the free digital issues and maybe order a copy if they want one. I make 1 dollar every time someone orders a copy. No big deal. So far, I have sold 7. Yay, I made 7 dollars for 3 months worth of work -- lol. No, really -- making the magazine has been the best experience of my life -- so much I have learned.

In fact, that is why I can't sleep. I keep imagining what future issues are going to look like and ideas for future blogs.... different people I am excited to work with.

I love it so much. It is so fun. It's my dream.

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Oh I Am So Happy!!

October 29th, 2012 (03:50 pm)

Donnie and I went shopping! :)

I got some makeup so I don't have to look like death anymore and for people to literally ask me what is "wrong" because I look "sad" when in fact --- ROAR! My Halloween mask is actually not wearing makeup (just kidding) and I also got face-wipes and a new toothbrush, both of which I have needed for over a month.

We also got some candy to give out to trick or treaters and a scary door cover so that the kids will know to come to our house and two pumpkins to carve. His and hers. I'm making a cat!!

We got pork chops for dinner. We went to Bush's Chicken for lunch. We went inside which is unusual because usually if we go there -- we hit the drive-through. I had the wonderfully succulent tenders (moist) and mash potatoes side and roll and a Diet Coke. I haven't had a Diet Coke in forever. I even had enough food to bring some home with me and put in the fridge.

We got fresh ears of corn and red potatoes to go with our pork chops. Yes, I will be cooking. I have started to insist to Donnie that I cook. I told him that I wanted to put the pork chops down in the oven part of the oven (oven part of the over?) and he said he wouldn't buy them unless I cooked them on a skillet on top of the oven... I was like... okay.

Donnie got himself a bag of peanuts and a bunch of Budweiser. I got some La Di Da sweet red wine but I will only have one glass.

I can't wait to put the scary poster on our front door -- it is a vampire and it it says, "Enter If You Dare." We might put a disclaimer under it that says "Please, do not enter." (ha, just kidding).

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October 27th, 2012 (06:19 pm)

I'm coming back to livejournal.

I don't care if it is not popular anymore. And I don't care if it is not the same as it used to be.

It will be the same to me. :)

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sweetheart blue

October 27th, 2012 (05:58 pm)

I wake up sad every single day
And I work hard every day to make myself happy.
I am very successful at making myself happy.

I use my world
I use technology
I use my friends
I use my prayers
I use music
I use food and drugs, especially coffee :D
I use logic and thought
I use pretty things
I use :) :) :) (happy faces)

I have to wonder what is making me sad, though.

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Bohemia and Life and Love and Learning

October 27th, 2012 (05:32 pm)

So... what have I been up to lately?

1) Working on my literary journal, Bohemia, which is the love of my life. I gaged myself for happiness to see if I am still emotionally invested in the project... because it is a lot of work and it doesn't make any money. Well, I still enjoy it. I enjoy all the people who like doing it and I enjoy their work and the finished product. They are the ones that make it special.

Read more...Collapse )

I enjoy the submissions we get. I enjoy the meetings we do and interacting and listening and telling them about Bohemia plans. I enjoy the creative planning. I enjoy watching people grow and blossom in their art. I enjoy their thoughts, ideas, and contributions to the journal. I like it.

I remember the first meeting that I had for the project -- I told everyone that this is a labor of love and I was committed to do it as long as it is fun. So, I look at whether I am having fun a lot. A journal is art and it showcases beautiful things. It contributes to the arts just by being. If it becomes unjoyful, then it is not worth it.

WHAT I committed to and TELL all of those who contribute their time to the project is that I will do everything in my power to get us an audience. That is what I work on every day -- GETTING HITS. Hits. Hits. Hits. Hits.


That is the one and only promise that I have ever made. I promise I will work hard to get the project fans. If I fail, it will not be for lack of trying. I am pleased with every single person who sees what we are doing and likes it. To me, even one fan is good -- if you made something and one person likes it then you did a good job. Lol, but I don't think everyone sees it that way.

That's really not "professional Mandy" speaking, that is "inner Mandy." That is "knows-what's-best-Mandy" that I forget to listen to sometimes. Happiness is more important than anything else, but I fight the fight with those who want us to "be more professional" all the time. How do you make LOVE professional?

Well, I am working on it :) That's why they call me "sweetheart blue."

It has been a team effort. And yes, it does continue to be a slow build. Every day we get new submissions. Every day we get new Twitter fans, blog fans, readers. Our blogs used to get like 30 or 40 hits a day. Now we are averaging around 200 hits a day, sometimes less (and sometimes much more).

I tell the writers to do their own thing and have personal blogs and projects that they can cross-promote on Bohemia (in a non-cheesy way). Some write exclusively for Bohemia because that is all they have time for. Either way, I troll around the internet looking at other art mags and writings but always come back to Bohemia because it is just the most interesting and fun and cool blog/magazine that I have found. I like the writing (photos and everything else).


I think that I will start maintaining this blog as sort of a "hey, this is the movie I am watching or the song I am digging or my personal thoughts and photos" and then try to put my more professional writing on the blog... essay type writing.

Livejoural can be a place for me to be verymandy... Bohemia can be a place for me to be Amanda Hixson.

I want the Bohemia blog to represent Bohemia and the magazine, not me. When I write for Bohemia then I am writing for Bohemia, not just for fun. It is fun, but it is not for fun -- if that makes sense. In Bohemia, I am just one blogger of many and we are creating a professional magazine/journal. It is not suposed to be a vanity project. It is supposed to be writing that I think the Bohemia fans and audience will like.

I like it when the blogger's writing reflects their own personalities and shows aspects of themselves, but I don't think every thought that pops into someone's head (mine specifically) should necessarily be associated with the magazine... I like a lot of cheesy weird stuff. I think I should find a special place like Livejournal for me to be cheesy and weird.

2) Working on my career as a poet. I never really thought that many people would read or hear my poetry. I've always taken it seriously as far as writing it and expressing myself artistically, but it has been shocking and overwhelming to start performing it and for people to approach me and tell me that they are fans of my work. I am honestly a fan of a lot of other people's work and it is humbling to know that there is an audience for what I do too. Even if no one likes it except me, I would still do it -- but I think that if my words can be something that someone relates to and enjoys then I am a small part of some sort of poetry community.

I used to meticulously keep all of my poetry on livejoural -- the ones that I had revised out of my journals and binders and some that I had written actually on the internet and in Livejournal or Microsoft Word. Now I've started writing some on Facebook and on random computers that I have abandoned. My work actually reflects this process because many of the choices I make as far as where to end lines and how to write it reflect the screen that I am looking at and the formatting wrote into the programs. It's weird-- but I like what I create.

Without having these works on paper or organized anywhere -- sometimes they are just lost though. I post them on facebook on a feed and I will probably never see them again. I've started just throwing words to the wind. Who cares. But I guess I will work on trying to organize the ones I've kept track of into a collection and they might be published by a publishing company or I might just publish them myself. I could download a bunch of free clip art and make Photoshop pictures to go with it. I dunno.

There are a lot of talented people in Central Texas who honestly should have published books or ebooks more over me. I think my job is more to encourage THEM and do my thing too, more for myself.

3) Being a housewife. Donnie and I moved into a house and I am trying to be a housewife because I had the passion to start my own business with the journal and so in order to contribute I am trying to be better at cleaning and cooking and stuff like that. o.O

I actually wrote a poem the other day that I think points out the weirdness of how a housewife position seems like a subservient female role but you are working on managing the household, your husband is doing the slave work (thank you baby!), and you actually have equal power. I don't even see managing money as something that gives Donnie power. In fact, I have begged him for years to manage my money and he has refused because he knows it is work and it is a headache and he didn't want to. Well, now that I don't make any money -- he has no choice. He manages all of our bills. The only money I manage is whatever allowance he gives me and all the money that comes in for Bohemia which I just use to maintain the business anyway.

Honestly, Donnie has told me that if Bohemia doesn't start bringing in a little bit of $$$, he won't allow me to do it anymore... which motivated me to learn InDesign in order to lay out the magazine myself and cut out a lot of other costs to the business such as printing.

The stress of running the magazine has always been raising funds. I have been raising about 5,000 dollars every 3 months to cover the costs of printing out the magazine. If I ever decide to go back to work, then I can get a job somewhere where I have to raise money! Apparently, I am good at it!

And I have loved doing it but that doesn't mean it is not stressful. Especially if you feel like you are letting people down if you don't raise enough money.

It is a roller-coaster, fundraising is. You feel so happy and blessed to all the people that are showing so much love for the project you are doing that they are giving you money :D And it is wonderful. You feel grateful and it keeps the project going. But as much as they give you-- there is always more that needs to be raised because 5,000 is a lot of money!!!! And when you are doing other stuff too as far as the magazine goes... there never seems to be enough time to do it.

I feel like cutting the costs of the business is a blessing in disguise. By Donnie telling me that I can't print the magazine out myself anymore and just putting the magazine up on Mag Cloud for people to download and print themselves if they want a copy of it actually opens the creative side up for me and for the staff. Instead of spending all of our time throwing fundraisers, we can work on the writing, pictures etc. If people like it, then they can buy it. We also put the magazine online for people to download and view for free so if they like it -- they can also have it for free if they want. Yay!

He is tired of me doing it for free. So I evaluated everything and made some projections and planned some things out and I changed the whole way I'm doing it so that I figure I can sell about 400 dollars worth of ads a month. People have things to advertise. We have a magazine that about 1,000 different people a month look at online -- if you have something that you want 1,000 people to look at then you can paypal between 5 and 40 dollars, depending on the size of the ad you want. That's it. Done.

And after I pay back some debts I've accumulated (not that much), the magazine will finally be bringing in a salary for me. And I can start paying some of my personal debts. My personal debts are a lot more than the Bohemia debts. I've protected Bohemia-- I've sheltered it from debt. And I have spent my whole adult life in personal debt so -- that's nothing new.

4) Will I go back to school and earn my Master's or not? I am considering it, strongly.

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My Favorite Halloween Movies

October 27th, 2012 (03:56 pm)

I have three favorite Halloween movies that are not actually Halloween movies, lol.

The kids take ET out with them to trick-or-treat.

Donnie Darko
Without revealing too much, there is a reason why Donnie's supernatural guide looks the way he does (scary rabbit).

Witches on House
In Practical Magic, the witches pretend to be fake witches for the town on Halloween. Like, "Come see the witches!" but they really are!

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Facebook Woahs

October 22nd, 2012 (07:51 am)

This is the problem I have found with Facebook. At first it was fun -- "Yay, I'm doing something! I'm going to post about it because I am this happy-go-lucky person that is always excited about whatever I'm doing." And then all of the sudden, when you are doing stuff and you take a picture of it, or write about it, or tag people in... you get messages from some of your other friends that it made them mad because they were busy that day or they didn't know you were going to go do such-and-such and why didn't you include them. Well, I have a lot of friends and trust me -- every single last one of them is invited to hang out every single day if they want to. But I am just not a planner. If someone calls and says, "Hey, let's hang out." Then I go hang out with them. Only time I don't is when I'm working. So I am always either working or hanging out with someone. So if I post that I am hanging out with someone then everyone else gets mad? This has happened to my like 500 times at this point. And I am not an idiot-- I have tried NOT POSTING about it and then everybody is like, "Amanda, why aren't you posting? Are you depressed? Amanda, are you alright? Amanda, is your business doing bad? Amanda, you don't have any friends any more?" NO, I'M JUST NOT POSTING ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT CAUSES TROUBLE and I DON'T KNOW WHY.

So I've reached the conclusion that I am just not going to worry about it and I'm going to do what I want and be happy.

I don't know what else to do. I don't like it that if I hang out with someone and then post about it then that person gets picked on either. I don't want to hurt people just by hanging out with them and posting about it.

But like I said, I really don't know what to do about it. I have stopped posting about hanging out with people for the most part, so now there are people asking me the questions. But they don't know that I do stuff -- I just don't post about it as much anymore.

I guess, sometimes I will post and sometimes I won't and I'm just not even going to think about it. I shouldn't be made to feel like a villain because I was hanging out with someone. I love everyone. I want to be friends with everyone.


If you are reading this-- please look at my magazine:

Bohemia is a monthly journal that features artists, poets, writers, photographers. The magazine's content reflects the best talent in our region, Central Texas. In addition, we follow our interests: which includes reporting on the arts all over the world. We are always looking for submissions.

Bohemia's online readership is broad. The monthly issues receive hundreds of "views" and our blog receives hundreds of hits per day (and growing everyday!). You can view and download issues at issuu.com/verymandy for free. Print copies are also available to purchase and we have over 300 subscribers.

Go to our site, www.bohemia-journal.com, to find out more.

Bohemia is a blog. Subscribe to our blog, bohojo.wordpress.com.

Bohemia is a facebook feed, "like" us at www.facebook.com/bohemiajournal.

Follow us on twitter too-- www.twitter.com/bohemiajournal.

Our local team calls itself -- BoHo Waco! We are BoHo Waco! We love Waco!

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I'm a Hufflepuff?

October 22nd, 2012 (02:43 am)

The last time my sister came to Waco, she informed me that we are Hufflepuffs, which came as quite shock to me. I thought I was Gryffindor. Waaaah.

Well, I have thought about and I think she might be right.

Yes, I can be crafty (especially if it for a good cause) like Slytherin.

Yes, I can be brainy like Ravenclaw. I like really nerdy things-- like books!

And yes, I can be brave, I think life forces you to be sometimes... but as Mel pointed out, Hufflepuffs are loyal and hardworking.

And that is me. That is me. That is me.

I am a workoholic. In fact, most of the time my head is so down low working on stuff that I miss the world around me -- not intentionally! I like the worlds around me... I just hyperfocus on whatever I am trying to accomplish.

And I am absolutely loyal to a fault. I can't even operate in situations where this person is talking about that person and that person is talking about this person. It freaks me out because I am loyal to both people. And I'm not a good liar either, even if it is supposed to be a lie for someone's good. I can do it sometimes like... to spare feelings but... just not that good at it. I am better at FIXING THE ENTIRE SITUATION so that everyone is happy and no one's feelings have to be hurt at all.

So I am Hufflepuff. I a schlocky little Hufflepuff. Meh. Okay, I guess I can live with that.

Maybe, I can be an all-arounder?


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October 16th, 2012 (06:37 pm)
current mood: excited

My journal doesn't look right anymore.

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